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About us


OPENJART is an international jewelry brand born in 2007. Experimenting with uncommon for traditional jewelry forms and techniques Russian designers and Thai craftsmen have been working closely together to create divine offbeat pieces.


At OPENJART we have a calling for bringing beauty and diversity into the world and into people’s lives. Through our unusual jewelry we are giving people an opportunity to express themselves. Our fine pieces do not only create joyful moments and special memories; they stand as a lasting imprint of artistry, representing the character of the person who wears them.


In 2007 two different but equally bursting with creativity companies - JART and OPEN!Design&Concepts created a joint venture. At that point of time the jewelry manufacturer JART was mainly working in B2B sector producing high-end jewelry for upcoming designers from different parts of the world. And the design studio OPEN!Design&Concepts led by two recognized Russian artists - Stas Zhitskiy and Sergey Kuzhavsky - was busy with various projects in industrial and graphic design.

Looking for new challenges both companies decided to create a new outstanding and provocative jewelry brand. A bit of irony, a bit of humor, a bit of precious stones and metals was a recipe for their jewelry in order to deride the purpose of fine jewelry itself - to adorn and to show off. That’s how the first three lines of OPENJART were born. All those pieces were mordant and protesting against the mainstream high-end jewelry.

Through time OPENJART has been developing and changing together with their creators. Now its precious creations are not that caustic any more, but still greatly unusual and of a high-end quality.